Thursday, 21 October 2010


Every addict has a dealer, and the dealer that started my addiction was...

Mr Clement @ Playlounge, London

... I first came into contact with Designer toys and the first time I really took notice of them was at Playlounge in London. I stumbled upon it because I was looking for more Gloomy Bear key-chains and they were the only place that had it in stock in town. This was back in 2005.

Army of Gloom(y)

After a few random purchases, including lots of Nara Yoshitomo plushes, I was attracted by the character designs on some blind box mini figures. They get you hooked exactly the same way as capsule toys, where you do not know what you are going to get until you rip the packaging open. You keep buying until you've found all the ones that you want >_<

Overlaps - the FlipsideOverlaps

This mini figure series was David Horvath's 2-Faced Dunny series 2!!! The addiction worsened and after many other David Horvath and Kim Sun-Min toys later, I was too far down the rabbit hole to escape ........

Family Portrait

Since then I've sold most of them from the 2-Faced Dunny series, keeping only the ones I really want, including these two.

Flickr AddictCreepy Crawly Saturday - Spider of All Spiders

I don't believe that I will ever kick this addiction for good but at least I hope to distill the collection into the very best for my Toy Shrine and stop being a completionist! :P