Thursday, 30 September 2010

not 500?

Some of you might have been thinking, what's up with the 500 target number and upping it to 800? My ideal target is 500 but I do love my mini figures and a quick count the other day made me realised this;  even though I will be very focused on a few artists, themes and styles, my collection on some of them have already reached 3-digit numbers. To accommodate my favorite artists, I think I will aim for 800 initially.

Here are two artists that I love and you might have noticed in my photos already :) I don't think I can part with most of their toys.

1. Uamou (Ayako Takagi 高木綾子)
 Simple high quality Japanese vinyl and resin figures with hundreds of colorways are very addictive.

2. James Jarvis (Amostoys)
A funny take on modern civilisation with his In-Crowd collection.


As you can see just two of my favorite artists have taken a big chunk of the target quota, they will not leave much room for the others (Rolito, Devilrobots, Amanda Visell to name a few). Of course I will be talking about the artists in more details soon.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Piglet thinks this is the best distance to take a photo

Toy Shrine is a name that was termed by some of my friends on Flickr for my toy collection. Now I am using it to describe my relationship with my toys, and documenting it on this blog.

Many facesTime for Photograph (写真の時間)

I like toys that make my imagination run wild, and my favorite hobby is to capture that vision through my camera lens. This is the main drive behind my ever expanding collection, but also my biggest problems, room and money. My recorded collection on is 1000+, and I still have a lot of toys that are not covered on there. A smaller more focused and manageable collection is definitely the way to go.

Loading up on sugar in time for ChristmasBunny toys

I am setting myself a pretty impossible goal, a maximum top limit of 500 800 pieces in my toy collection regardless of size or type. Trying to make myself think long and hard what to buy and keep. Also I will try to find loving homes for the ones that I regrettably have to sell (mostly via my 'Toy Boot Sale' blog). Stay tune and see if I will survive this (>_<)

Oh, bother.