Saturday, 13 November 2010

Keepers #1 - Rolito

My Own Private Rolitoland

There are many reasons to buy a toy, generally the top reason is that it makes me smile, let my imagination runs wild and into photos. Sometimes the toy is simply another cute looking figure and the quality is so so, but it represents wild and amazing things in my head!?

sneak peek

First of my favorite artists in my collection is Rolito. His Rolitoland ( website and the Mini Rolitoboy Book blew my mind back in 2006, and I just wanted to get every single figures that came from there!

Detolf Unplugged

The rolito pieces have been the main part of my collection the longest and still one of the biggest. However, in order to trim down, the bigger Nedzeds had to go except for the Colette Bleu edition. They have gone to loving homes, so I am happy :) The Rolitoboys, minis, Politos and Patapons are here to stay though!

Rue de OxfordI dream about bunnies
DestroyunluckyMemories of Rolitoland

Even better is that Rolito has applied his magic on the PSP and I can play in Rolitoland anytime anywhere!!! Check out his games called Patapon!!!

The Small Escape

See more Rolito toys at my Flickr set,

With the start of the Keepers post, it is time to start the toy count! You will find it at the top right hand side ;)

+14 Rolitoboys
+17 mini Rolitoboy(girl)
+12 mini Rolitoland Safari figures
+1 Nedzed
+2 Politos
+2 Qees
+2 Be@rbricks
+8 various customs
+6 Patapons
-5 Nedzeds