Saturday, 1 January 2011

Keepers #4 - Amanda Visell

The Lumberjack
Get Wood

They might have been relatively new additions to the toy shrine, but Amanda Visell's toy figures are some of my most treasured! The simple but expressive styles of the characters in her paintings just pop off the pages and into the 3D space with all their qualities intact, and I can play with them too! :)

Pick-Me-Up Vietnamese coffeeDanger! Danger!Hitch a ride

Started back in 2008, I collected the Baby Eating Crocodile from the Vivisect Playset and a couple of mini Dunnys, but Kidrobot was the company that pulled out all the stops and produced the Kozik x Visell Wood Labbit for SDCC 2009. Labbits are a stable diet for Frank and Kidrobot, they churn out a ton of mini and big ones every year, but Wood Labbit is the most special of them all, blessed with Amanda's wood magic!!!

Visell vs Visell

A cropped ear, sprouting leaves, wood pattern, axe and of course he swallowed the lumberjack :) What can she release to top that? Well just a few months later, the 8" Wood Donkey Dunny appeared with all the wood goodness! There was also the Large Tree Stump stool but that's a rather expensive stand for the Wood Labbit & Wood Donkey Dunny, I just have to make do with the little one that comes with the Wood Donkey Dunny :P

Club Axe

To complete the wood theme (so far), the Tic Toc Apocalypse mini series release in 2010 included the Lumberjack Gnomes and Wood Dragon. Well I thought that must be it, but not quite done yet ;) One of the gnomes was also the victim of the What-did-i-eat-ephunt!

What-did-i-eat-ephunt accidentally flatten Jack

Finally I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the few Bed Monster sets, a collaboration between Amanda & Itokin Park. I will leave you to judge for yourselves these lovely handmade resin figures :)

TeddyDon't leave your toys outSleep Well

See more Amanda Visell toys at my Flickr set,

Here comes the Keepers count :)

+1 Baby Eating Crocodile
+5 3" Dunnys
+1 5" Wood Labbit
+1 8" Wood Donkey Dunny
+6 Tic Toc Apocalypse minis
+1 What-did-i-eat-ephunt
+1 Bed Monster set