Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Keepers update

Well well well, the aim of course is to cut down and I have begin that hard job of sorting out the toys collection, but when my favorite "keeper" artists create something wonderful... I cannot simply ignore them! After all I have not given up collecting :P

So a few new pieces from James Jarvis and Ayako Takagi, and an old custom piece by Rolito, who I've covered already in the previous posts :)

1. Hello Kitty VCD produced by Medicom and just became Martin's new BFF


2. Oops! I ate Uamou Burgerbuns custom by Ayako for the Super7 Funbuns show

Burgerbuns Attack!

3. Amezaikou Uamous + Takoyaki Fortune Uamou by Ayako for the Double Punch Kaiju Bazaar show

more food for Burgerbuns!

4. Custom Deko-Boko for Toy Saves Children (2006) by Rolito


So +7 for the counter